The future of your child’s education is a key decision you wield as a parent. The choices you make in regards to your child’s schooling are paramount, so it’s necessary to do some research in this area. Even after making the choice to send your child to a private school, there are still many factors to consider when choosing a school. The links we’ve provided below can help you on your quest to find the perfect school for your child.

The Independent Schools Council has long been a resource for finding the best independent schools throughout the world. They are a combination of seven different associations that represent over 1,200 schools. Their website has reviews, rankings and other helpful information when looking for the best private school. More information can be found at

According to their website, “The Good Schools Guide is the number one trusted guide to schools in the UK, helping parents in every aspect of choosing the best education for their children”. The Good Schools Guide has reviews and ratings for over 1,000 schools and these schools are both private and public. They’ve been around for over 30 years, and their reviews are some of the most comprehensive you can find. For more information on a variety of schools go to

Perhaps you haven’t quite decided that a private school is right for you and your child. If you’re still on the fence about the merits of private versus public, information on both can be found at This website provides helpful links and facts related to public, private, faith, and boarding schools.